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Two months ago, I got to know a new friend Chiao Lin and her daughter Daryl. A mutual friend had introduced us over a little bear book and something artwork-related.

As I discovered at our first breakfast together, Chiao Lin is an artisan who hand-makes beautiful stuff toys and handbags under her Pink Velvet label. Daryl is a talented illustrator who started her own online shop selling her whimsical paper products two years ago at 19 years old.

At the end of breakfast, Chiao Lin asked if I would like to do a ‘sewing fellowship’. I liked the sound of that but wasn’t sure what to make of it. But right after I got home, I bought the sewing machine which I had shortlisted on Carousell since Circuit Breaker.

And a small thought snugged into my mind: Could our collective creative skillsets be combined for good during this Covid-19 period?

A few days later, divine inspiration dropped into my heart. How about doing a ‘sewing fellowship for a purpose’?

I texted Chiao Lin and we met for the second time. Sew Sow Good Stuff SG’s plan to sew for good was sewn up that day.

Revealing details this week!


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