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Thank you to Gabloverq and Hweezbooks for posting and sharing this with me! Encouragement like this lightens cloudy days like today.


And a big-feathered Mystery Reader reading Little Godwit Finds His Wings to a classroom of kids is very uplifting too. Thanks to my dear, dear friend Arlene who sent this photo of her Significant Other all geared up for the big read!

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I was delighted to attend the opening weekend of my Bunny Finds The Right Stuff show, to find out that the shows have sold out!

I was doubly happy to have watched the theatre show with one of my favourite people Arlene, and her family. Arlene was my biggest cheerleader when I went through chemotherapy in 2016, sending all sorts of creative videos and messages to cheer me up. She’s also been an amazing supporter of my books and writing and a super-dear friend.

Bunny found the right stuff in knowing that he was deeply loved by his Maker and his floppiness wasn’t from lack, but from love and countless hugs. He also realized that the right stuff was the stuff of friendship.

Likewise, I rest in the knowledge that I am loved by my Maker and built up by the stuff of precious friendships.

BunnyShow2018 with Arlene

With the fabulous cast of Bunny Finds the Right Stuff theatre show


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The book-to-stage adaptation of Bunny Finds the Right Stuff starts its show season from 4th May 2018! Previously staged in 2016, Esplanade is re-staging this show by popular demand.

Bunnyshow (edited)

Little Day Out is giving away 2 free tickets to the show (deadline for contest entry is this Sunday 15 April). Read Little Day Out’s review of the show and my book as well as details of the contest here.

Thank you Little Day Out for your lovely review! I was a ‘hoppy’ happy camper reading it :).


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I’m a hoppy camper with a sprightly leap! Esplanade celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and will be re-staging Bunny Finds the Right Stuff, based on an adaption of my book!

Show details are here:

Bunnyshow (edited)

Esplanade15thyear (edited)


Box office is now open and you can book your tickets here. So hop over there!


Bunny Finds the Good Stuff – Opening Show @ Esplanade



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This morning, I woke up to find my Bunny Finds The Right Stuff theatre show in the news!

Bunny theatre show in the news - Straits Times 5 March 2016

Bunny theatre show in the news – Straits Times 5 March 2016

Esplanade Theatre is staging a special edition of the theatre adaptation of my book for special needs children this coming Monday. Read more over at the Straits Times website here!

Bunny Finds The Right Stuff children’s theatre show will run from now till 13 March. Ticketing details over at Esplanade’s site here.




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2016 has started on a very exciting note…and drama-filled page!

First off, Esplanade will be staging the theatre adaptation of my picture book Bunny Finds The Right Stuff for the preschool audience! The show will debut as the first children’s show at the newly renovated children’s theatre at the Esplanade.

Bunny Finds the Right Stuff is the 4th book in my Toy Series and has won the IPPY Silver Medal, Writer’s Digest Honorable Mention (Self-Published Awards) and was shortlisted for the inaugural Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award. It has also been translated and published in China and Korea, and also Malaysia.


bunny Esplanade flyer (front)

bunny Esplanade flyer (back)

You can book tickets online with Esplanade!

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One month back, I spoke to a group of about 50 schoolgirls, as part of Youth Leader’s inaugural SG50 Female Leaders Media Academy programme, which aims to nurture our girls through the stories and experiences of female leaders.

As an author, I don’t fit in with the corporate mould of this programme, which matches a selection of top students with corporate organizations. So, I was surprised when I was invited to be part of Youth Leader’s inaugural batch of female leaders to share my personal story.

On 8 November, I met with the 10 teams of students (numbering about 50) selected to be mentored by female corporate leaders who work within an organisation. The girls, 13-17 years old, came from about 10 schools and colleges, and were selected nationally from school media clubs as well as based on academic results and leadership positions.

SG50 Female Leaders

I shared my personal journey of how I went from losing my voice during my corporate life to finding a new voice in this chapter as an author. This was followed by a question and answer session with all the girls, town hall style, as well as additional questions from each group after.


During the session, the girls asked me a whole host of questions.

Some were writer-specific:

– Which is the least favorite book you have written?
Okay, my answer was strictly for that room only :).

– Which is the most difficult story you have written?

– How do you start writing your stories? What is your writing process?

– What inspires you?


Many touched on deep life issues:

– How did you find your voice as an author? What advice do you have to those of us trying to find our voices?

– What do you think is important to succeed?

– If you could live your life again, what would you do differently?

– Now that you have accomplished all these things, what else are you looking to achieve?

– Are you still angry with the people who were mean to you when you couldn’t speak?

– Did you ever think of taking your life (during your lowest moments)?

It was a definite “No” to that. At my lowest point, it felt like the end of the world but definitely not something to end my life over.

– How did you pick yourself up from your lowest point?

– What is your life mantra?

I told them that I don’t have a life mantra but I do have a life verse:

John 10:10 “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but I (Jesus) came so that you may have life and live it to the full.”

Youth’s Leader Founder Kenny Nai then gave the 10 teams a couple of weeks to write up digital stories based on their takeaways from my sharing. More on that in a later post.

I am glad that I met with the girls and had a glimpse into how deeply they think about life issues.

We ended just in time for me to pick up my little superhero from preschool. He took me on a very different turn in conversation as he yakked on about Jedi masters and light sabres.

May the Force of Goodness and Life be with our younger generation always.

Batman Caleb

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Tibby Cover (final)Prince Bear, Pauper Bear, Rusty Horse, Just Teddy, Bunny and Tibby the Tiger-Bunny have found their way into Closetful of Books, a new online bookstore started by Denise Tan, who previously worked for specialty children’s bookstore Bookaburra Books.

All my books (including my 4-book Toy Series Value Set) are autographed at Closetful of Books and are available for shipping within Singapore and overseas as well.

Hop over there to check out my books’ latest hangout!


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Today, I am participating in Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book Fridays meme.

My recommended read is Threadbear, a lovely picture book I came across recently. I chanced upon a threadbare copy of this book in Caleb’s classroom bookshelf when picking him up from school a few weeks ago.

The moment I opened page 1, I knew I had to have my own copy so I told my good friend and bookworm Hwee (now unofficial book procurement agent) who ordered it for me along with her own books from The Book Depository.

Threadbear arrived in good shape last week and I decided to keep it that way so I told Caleb it was my book, not his. To which, he told my dad (his Kong Kong), “This is Mummy’s book. Not mine yet!”

Threadbear coverThreadbear

by Mick Inkpen

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

First published in 1990

ISBN: 9780340931097

* Winner of the Children’s Book Award

Age group:

3- 8 years old
What this book is about:

Perseverance, How wishes can come true in unexpected ways


“Ben’s bear was called Threadbear. He was old. Bits of him had worn out. Or worked loose. Or dropped out.

He had a paw which didn’t match and a button for an eye. When he looked through the button, he saw four pictures instead of one. It was like looking in a television shop window.

But there was one thing that had always been wrong with Threadbear. The silly man who had made him had put too much stuffing inside him. His arms were too hard. His legs were too hard. And there was too much stuffing inside his tummy that his squeaker had been squashed. It had never squeaked. Not even once.”

And with that opening page spread, everyone, from Ben’s entire family, friends and doctor try to solve Threadbear’s squeaker problem. Finally, one of the toys tells Threadbear to ask Father Christmas for help because he knows a lot about toys.

“But where does Father Christmas live?” asked Threadbear.

“At a place called the North Pole,” said Grey Thing. “You can get to it up the chimney, I think.”

Threadbear does finally squeak, not through the wave of a magic wand, but because he got dirty falling off Santa’s sleigh and ended up in Ben’s washing machine to wash clean. The journey he took to get there had me sighing and chuckling aloud that Caleb turned to me from his dinner and asked, “Mummy, what are you doing? What’s happening? ”
What I love about this book:

This is a charming story that is excellently written and does not meet any of the current picture book rules like the manuscript having to be between 300-500 words, no descriptive language to leave room for illustrations etc. Threadbear‘s opening page alone is already more than 100 words and the story has barely started! I was surprised to find that Mick Inkpen first wrote this story in 1990 because it has a very contemporary feel and this version could very well have been published in today’s market without feeling outdated.

I love many things about this story, including the underlying  message that if life deals you too much stuff for you to handle (including a faulty squeaker), take heart. It’s not the end of the world and you can always find ways to deal with the problem, including talking it over with good friends. It’s also a message of hope – that hope does not disappoint, and as Threadbear takes the first step towards finding a way to be floppy, things start to happen for him in ways beyond his understanding and expectations. There is magic in hope!

Funnily enough, the first page of this book has two elements similar to two picture books I wrote.


In Prince Bear & Pauper Bear, Pauper Bear is a teddy with mismatched eyes and a worn out coat.

Opening page of Prince Bear & Pauper Bear

Opening page of Prince Bear & Pauper Bear

In Bunny Finds The Right Stuff, Bunny thinks he is too floppy because the toymaker had forgotten to stuff him up and goes in search of stuffing to be filled up – the opposite journey for Threadbear who is overly stuffed and wants to be floppy.

Opening page of Bunny Finds The Right Stuff

Opening page of Bunny Finds The Right Stuff

Threadbear’s belief that the North Pole is at the top of the chimney is reminiscent of Don Freeman’s classic picture book Corduroy in terms of his innocence and ignorance.


It goes on to show that whatever original idea you think you have, someone else has already thought about it and no idea is ever truly new anymore. But the difference instead lies in the “writer’s voice” (and there’s lots of articles just devoted to that).

Mick Inkpen’s voice has undoubtedly spoken to the hearts of readers, having sold millions of books as one of the top-selling picture book artists and authors in the world and winning a slew of awards including the British Book Award, shortlisted thrice for the Kate Greenaway Medal and the Smarties Award amongst others. Read more about his books here.

Recycled crafts and activities

Make a recyled teddy bear from your old tee shirts, sweaters and other clothing, with free templates from So Crafty and Pearltrees.

Cutting up your old tee to make your Threadbear (Source: so Crafty)

Cutting up your old tee to make your Threadbear (Source: So Crafty)

Completed bear but remember to give it Threadbear's mismatched eyes! (Source: So Crafty)

Completed bear but remember to give it Threadbear’s mismatched eyes!     (Source: So Crafty)

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In Prince Bear & Pauper Bear, a sad teddy bear without a mouth finds his voice when a boy brings him home and repairs him.

Now, Pauper Bear, Rusty Horse, Just Teddy and Bunny have all found new voices…thanks to compatibility with smart pen Pen Pal Whizz!

books + penPrince Bear & Pauper Bear, The Tale of Rusty Horse, Just Teddy and Bunny Finds The Right Stuff have just been reprinted in a new paperback edition with features similar to a print version of a book app, so to speak.

With the tap of smart pen Pen Pal Whizz,
– a narrator reads the story
– the book characters speak (with additional scripts which tie with the story text)
– bonus game questions on each page spread reinforce key points of the story

Check it out here!

My paperback titles are now available in Singapore through:
– Leading bookstores in Singapore
JLB Educational Technology (exclusive distributor for Pen Pal whizz)
The Learning Connection‘s Prince Bear & Pauper Bear mobile theatre shows to preschools
– Marketasia Distributors

For a demo of the pen and my book, you can go to JLB’s year-long booth at MPH Bookstore at Raffles City or contact JLB directly.

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