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I was delighted to attend the opening weekend of my Bunny Finds The Right Stuff show, to find out that the shows have sold out!

I was doubly happy to have watched the theatre show with one of my favourite people Arlene, and her family. Arlene was my biggest cheerleader when I went through chemotherapy in 2016, sending all sorts of creative videos and messages to cheer me up. She’s also been an amazing supporter of my books and writing and a super-dear friend.

Bunny found the right stuff in knowing that he was deeply loved by his Maker and his floppiness wasn’t from lack, but from love and countless hugs. He also realized that the right stuff was the stuff of friendship.

Likewise, I rest in the knowledge that I am loved by my Maker and built up by the stuff of precious friendships.

BunnyShow2018 with Arlene

With the fabulous cast of Bunny Finds the Right Stuff theatre show


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The book-to-stage adaptation of Bunny Finds the Right Stuff starts its show season from 4th May 2018! Previously staged in 2016, Esplanade is re-staging this show by popular demand.

Bunnyshow (edited)

Little Day Out is giving away 2 free tickets to the show (deadline for contest entry is this Sunday 15 April). Read Little Day Out’s review of the show and my book as well as details of the contest here.

Thank you Little Day Out for your lovely review! I was a ‘hoppy’ happy camper reading it :).


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This morning, I had the pleasure of catching Prince Bear & Pauper Bear‘s interactive storytelling show, which is running from now till next Thursday.  

I am thankful for valuable partnerships like The Learning Connection who has been supportive of my books and local writing.

Storybox theatre

Prince Bear & Pauper Bear is special because it is my first book and what started me on my writing path. Once upon a time, a local publisher told me that I would be lucky if I could even sell 1,000 copies of my picture book. This is unfortunately the reality of the market.

I thank God for His favour that today, Prince Bear & Pauper Bear has sold close to 15,000 copies and has been published in 4 languages. 

Writing is a solitary journey. The encouragement of readers is what helps me to plough on!

Related link:

Prince Bear & Pauper Bear take the stage with Storybox this April!

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I had a very special day over the weekend. Together with Ben, Caleb, our cousins, nephews, niece and godson, we watched the theatre adaptation of Bunny Finds The Right Stuff. By coincidence, a few other friends bought tickets for the same show. We made up a sizeable group.

with cast.png

Together with the show’s cast and my friends’ kids (minus a few camera-shy ones)


I had heard very favorable reviews of the show from friends over the past week. But watching it from the front row seat was something else altogether.

I felt sympathy when Bunny flopped about from her lack of stuffing.

I was amused when Bunny talked to the fishes swimming circles around her.

I chuckled when Bunny climbed into a giant flowerpot and daisies sprouted out of her head.

I was amused when Bunny popped with blueberry stains and ran from the birds swarming around her.

I was delighted when Bunny’s friends gave her a bubble bath, and blew bubbles into the audience.

I gasped when Bunny climbed a ladder hung from the ceiling.

I grinned when Dinosaur, Grizzly and Kangeroo got the children in the audience to help find stuffing for Bunny.

And I swayed to the amazingly catchy songs which the characters sang throughout the show.

Most of all, my heart warmed as I watched the show, and I felt joyful seeing how my book went from page to stage, staying true to the story.

Bunny puzzle

Ben & Caleb at PIP’s Playbox


This coming Sunday 13 March, Bunny Finds The Right Stuff ends its show season after running 30 shows over the past 14 days.

It was 10 years ago when I fretted and flopped in indecision over whether to return to corporate work or continue writing after publishing my first book Prince Bear & Pauper Bear. This theatre production really hit the sweet spot for me and refreshed me with a new burst of energy and reminder as to why I write what I write….Okay, that last bit sounds unintentionally Dr Seuss.

I’m just glad that Bunny provided the right script for children’s theatre and am thankful for God’s favour on this little picture book.

Elise Bunny

My niece with her favourite bunny



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This morning, I woke up to find my Bunny Finds The Right Stuff theatre show in the news!

Bunny theatre show in the news - Straits Times 5 March 2016

Bunny theatre show in the news – Straits Times 5 March 2016

Esplanade Theatre is staging a special edition of the theatre adaptation of my book for special needs children this coming Monday. Read more over at the Straits Times website here!

Bunny Finds The Right Stuff children’s theatre show will run from now till 13 March. Ticketing details over at Esplanade’s site here.




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2016 has started on a very exciting note…and drama-filled page!

First off, Esplanade will be staging the theatre adaptation of my picture book Bunny Finds The Right Stuff for the preschool audience! The show will debut as the first children’s show at the newly renovated children’s theatre at the Esplanade.

Bunny Finds the Right Stuff is the 4th book in my Toy Series and has won the IPPY Silver Medal, Writer’s Digest Honorable Mention (Self-Published Awards) and was shortlisted for the inaugural Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award. It has also been translated and published in China and Korea, and also Malaysia.


bunny Esplanade flyer (front)

bunny Esplanade flyer (back)

You can book tickets online with Esplanade!

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This has been an eventful week with lots to give thanks for, from parenting to writing and more.

1) This little baby went to school
Caleb settled nicely into pre-nursery this week, following an earlier week of orientation. He’s painted an Easter egg, learnt to make a paper fan and helped bake cookies.

And me? I’ve had a few glorious mornings out, tucking into Eggs Benedict at the Soho-ish 40 Hands Coffee with a book in hand, browsing SKS Books Warehouse for the latest Veggie Tales DVDs, and managed a few morning meetings too!



2) Rottnest, here I come!
I was notified by the Book Council Singapore that I have been selected as the Singapore representative to attend SCBWI‘s Rottnest Retreat in Western Australia in June. I will be giving a short presentation of my writing journey and also have a chance to participate in manuscript critique sessions. It will be my first overseas writer’s conference/retreat. It will also be my first time apart from Caleb. I will try to keep my eyes dry at the airport.

3) Pauper Bear takes the stage!
Theatre Arts Education specialist The Learning Connections heard me speak on a panel at an earlier year’s Asian Festival of Children’s Content. They liked my books and asked if I was interested to collaborate.

This week, Ben, Caleb and I were privy to the pre-launch show for Prince Bear & Pauper Bear! TLC will stage Prince Bear & Pauper Bear as their debut show in their Storybook Theatre, Singapore’s first ever mobile series of edutainment shows. Storybook Theatre aims to make literary arts accessible in the heartlands and, together with my Princely and Pauperly Bears, will be travelling around Singapore within the next few months!

With the cast of Prince Bear & Pauper Bear

With the cast of Prince Bear & Pauper Bear

4) To Master, to Grow, to Serve
Last but certainly not least, I was approached to serve in a volunteer capacity with a non-profit Christian organization which trains and equips budding writers and publishers in producing literature for their own local communities. It is a privilege to serve in the writing arena, so this week, I said “yes”.

As in keeping with my Methodist Girls’ School motto, I hope to Master (as much as possible) the craft of writing and publishing, Grow in the depth and breadth of my writing, and Serve with this gift that I have received.

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