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I’m over the moon and beaming over the shiny news from the 2021 Moonbeam Awards results!

My Little Series picture books – Little Godwit Finds His Wings/Little Mole’s Awesome Star/Little Mimic’s Superpower – has been awarded Best Picture Book Series (Silver Medal) at the 2021 US-based Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards!

Our Little Series, which I conceived and was illustrated by the talented illustrator John Lim, has been a precious collaboration. And it happened with the wonderful support of our publisher Marshall Cavendish Children and our editor Lydia.

I will be beaming for a while!

My Little Series picture books – Little Godwit Finds His Wings/Little Mole’s Awesome Star/Little Mimic’s Superpower – are available in the bookstores, on Amazon (online overseas) and Times Bookstores (online local).

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It is such a blessed treat to see my story with Caleb in Straits Times Life today!

I had involved Caleb in brainstorming ideas last year when publisher World Scientific approached me to write a kids’ travel series set in Asia.

In today’s Straits Times Life (26 April 2021)

“…When she was trying to think up a name for the main character, the boy suggested Polo, after “that famous traveller Marco Polo”…”

My other new release Little Mimic’s Superpower was also featured – it is the third book in my Little series.

“Through facts about unusual animals featured in her titles, she wants to encourage readers to uncover one’s own unique traits…She struggled with a rare voice disorder, Spasmodic Dysphonia, for more than 10 years, making her voice “unique”…

For years, I found it hard to give up my job…because I was afraid that without a corporate suit, I wouldn’t have a place in the world…It was only after letting go of my job that I grew in my Christian faith, which led to a new voice writing children’s books…”

I’m so grateful to journalist Elisa Chia for reaching out to me to write this feature story and arranging my precious first mum-and-son photoshoot!

Online version of the article here:


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I’m swimmingly delighted that Little Mimic’s Superpower has received a 5-star review rating from Readers’ Favourite with the following review:

“Little Mimic’s Superpower by Emily Lim-Leh is the story of an amazing little octopus. He has discovered that he can change his body to match what he sees. He can make polka dots, stripes, even rainbow colors but he doesn’t know why he has this ability.

He observes everything going on around him especially when a Damselfish attacks him, and he hides. Once the Damselfish is scared off, he continues exploring his ocean world. He discovers he can even change his body shape. When the Damselfish returns, he suddenly realizes why he has these amazing superpowers. Facts about the real mimic octopus are included at the end of the story.”

“Emily Lim-Leh has written a wonderful story based on the actual mimic octopus. Little Mimic’s Superpower showcases the wonders of the sea and the amazing abilities of the mimic octopus. It just might encourage kids to get to know more about the ocean and its creatures.

I love how the story showcases the real-life intelligence of this octopus and its incredible superpower. Kids will enjoy making the sounds when Little Mimic changes his shape: whoosh, swish, swoosh! They will also start to think about what their superpowers might be. The illustrations by John Lim are colorful and engaging and bring Little Mimic to life. This little octopus oozes personality and joins other memorable aquatic picture book characters such as the Rainbow Fish and the Pout Pout Fish. Fingers crossed that we will see more of Little Mimic in the future.”

Little Mimic’s Superpower is now in Kinokuniya, Popular and Times bookstores!

You can also buy your copy from Times Bookstore’s GoGuru online store!

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I’m elated to see the 3rd book in my Little series, fresh off the press!

Little Mimic’s Superpower is about a little octopus with an inkling that he has some sort of superpower, except he doesn’t fully grasp it. More details will follow when the book streams into the bookstores soon.

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Little Mole sniffs out 5 stars with Readers’ Favourite!

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I’m thrilled to have my friend and read-aloud expert Suzanne do a most awesome storytelling of my latest picture book Little Mole’s Awesome Star.

I do a tiny introduction, and then get to enjoy seeing Suzanne set a whole new professional standard for home-made storytelling videos!

Suzanne, heart-loads of thanks from your story-time fan girl!



Little Mole’s Awesome Star is available in the bookstores and online at Times’ GoGuru online store.

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I’m starry-eyed to see Little Mole featured in today’s Straits Times!

Life Reads for March 2020

Little Mole Review

Read the online version of the full article here.

Little Mole’s Awesome Star has burrowed into local bookstores and can be found at Kinokuniya, Times and Popular  bookstores! Tell your friends about it!

You can now also order Little Mole’s Awesome Star and Little Godwit Finds His Wings at Times Bookstore’s Goguru with free delivery in Singapore!


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Reader’s Favourite! Little Godwit finds his way to 5 shiny stars!

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Amidst this COVID-19 climate, I’m mutedly delighted that Little Mole’s Awesome Star has received a 5-star rating from Reader’s Favourite.

Little Mole's Awesome Star F Cover

Readers’ Favourite review:

“Little Mole was eagerly waiting for his special star. He wanted to know if his special star would show him awesome stuff …

Mole pagespread1

Little Mole’s Awesome Star by Emily Lim-Leh is an adorable story that introduces children to the star-nosed mole species in a fun and interesting way.

The concept of finding one’s own place in this world and independence has been woven beautifully into the plot, making it easy for young readers to understand it.

Mole pagespread2


John Lim brings the concept, the story, and the characters to life with his wonderful illustrations. The Let’s Discuss questions and the Did You Know part about star-nosed moles makes the book perfect to use during interactive sessions in classrooms to make learning entertaining. Children, parents, and tutors need more books like this one to make learning and teaching new concepts fun, interesting, and interactive.”


Little Mole has just surfaced in local bookstores this week. Look for my book at Kinokuniya, Times Bookstores and Popular Bookstores this weekend! Also available from Times’ online store Goguru.

Little Mole Back Cover

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I was starry-eyed when I brought Caleb (mini-me) and Emily-Mole (whom Caleb refers to as my ‘Duplicate’) to collect my latest picture book!

Collecting Mole

Little Mole’s Awesome Star is the second title in my “Little” picture book series of fiction tales inspired by awesome facts. Little Godwit Finds His Wings took flight first.

Emily-Mole is a customized gift from my super-awesome friend Arlene who commissioned her sister to knit it, which she then hand-carried from Australia.

It’s based on the Mole-version of me which my awesome star collaborator John Lim drew for our Author & Illustrator’s page.

Little Mole's Awesome Star (pg35)

More about Little Mole’s book in the next post!

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The Story behind hatching Little Godwit – from conception to birth



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This has been a very eventful year for Little Godwit and me. Little Godwit launched off this year from a dark valley amidst stormy weather. I’m glad that this little book took flight and journeyed through the year to a sweet year-end.

Thanks for all your support for the Little Bird Who Could and here’s to a meaningful and restful year-end!

Godwit flight (original).jpg


Godwit versions of me & John Lim, the hugely talented illustrator of Little Godwit

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See who flew into Times’ Bookstore’s Singapore’s Bicentennial Collection of books!

Delighted to see Little Godwit shelved with a high-brow collection of books in the store and also in the store front displays of Times Bookstore at Jelita.

(Left photo) Little Godwit with my publisher Marshall Cavendish’s books on the standee to the right. Other children’s titles by Epigram Books and Bubbly Books to the left.

(Right photo) Little Godwit lands on shelves of heavy high-brow books and tries to fit in. 🙂

Little Godwit Finds His Wings is part of Times bookstore’s Bicentennial books collection – all going at 20% off for the month of August.

Read with the Times and grab your copies of books by Singapore authors before the promotion ends on 31st August!


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