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Thank you Straits Times and Elisa Chia for supporting us with a full page feature story in today’s Straits Times Life! on this free e-book which we created as a gift to our community!

Read the full and free-to-read story here:


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! Marky Polo in Beijing arrived at my doorstep hot of the press today!

In the second book in our Marky Polo’s Travels series, Marky’s cousin Martial Polo invites him to Beijing, after hearing of his first trip overseas to Tokyo. Martial Polo is a Wushu enthusiast who dreams of being a renowned martial arts expert like Great-grandmother Muay Thai Polo. Martial turns Marky’s holiday into an exhausting strength-building, endurance-training workout. Can Marky endure Martial’s bossy nature and find a way to enjoy sightseeing in Beijing at a slower pace?

Marky Polo in Beijing is packed with amazing illustrations of Beijing, a humorous and entertaining story and lots of fun facts. We hope kids can travel vicariously through the pages of this augmented reality integrated children’s book and enjoy this educative read. Inside pages to follow in the next post!

Thrilled to have worked on this with amazingly talented illustrator Nicholas Liem and World Scientific Education. And of course our taskmaster cum Publisher Ruth Wan who brought Nic and I together for this fantastic collaboration.

You can visit World Scientific publishing website to pre-order the book before it hits the bookstores: https://www.worldscientific.com/worldscibooks/10.1142/12485

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I finally met (or bumped) into my littlest and cutest reader ever! Declan is my dear, dear friend Jamie’s nephew and loves books. Jamie was there with him to buy an encyclopedia on ocean animals which he wanted. And that was just after she had read him my book Marky Polo in Tokyo at home.

“Which of Auntie Emily’s books do you like best?” Jamie asked her little nephew.

“Everything!” Declan declared.

Wah! First Prize answer. I asked for permission to take photos with him. 😊😄🤩

A coincidental meeting in matching dye tie clothing

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Little Godwit found his wings to zip and zoom this past Sunday at the Singapore Writer’s Festival 2020.

I had the pleasure of zooming with Little Godwit as he found his wings and voice through Act 3’s online interactive performance of my book.

As the literary and performance arts world atunes to a new beat, I’m glad that Little Godwit found wind beneath his wings to soar along!

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I’ve received different invitations to speak at schools over the years.

But the recent one I spoke at last week came through a most unusual route.

I received a lovely email from the daughter of an educator teaching the early childhood modules at one of our universities.

 Ashley, now a 20-year old undergraduate, shared that she and her educator mum had been my fans since they came across my debut book Prince Bear & Pauper Bear in a bookstore when she was 8 years old. She invited me to speak to her mum’s class of preschool education students (many already practitioners in the early childhood education field) to mark the end of their module.

I’ve not warmed up to Zoom although I know it’s been a great platform for most through this pandemic period. Subconsciously, I feel I have to speak louder and when I do that, I end up tensing my voice muscles and struggling to speak. I’m Zoom-shy.

So, I said no.

Ashley didn’t take no for an answer. She came back with a response that left me speechless:

“I understand where you’re coming from, and hear your concerns regarding the lack of a mic. However, my mom asked me to try asking you whether you would be comfortable with making a brief appearance and speaking for a short while (whatever duration you’re comfortable with)? She really feels that you would be able to add value to the class, especially since your stories are extremely multifaceted and nuanced (case in point: During the recent reading I told you about, my mom asked my dad and me what we thought the moral of the story for Prince Bear & Pauper Bear was. I responded the moral was that there is enough room for love for two, and that we shouldn’t see love as something that is inherently selfish or competitive. My dad, on the other hand, shared that he felt the biggest takeaway was that one does not need to be born rich to be happy. My mom’s views on the same question were that we should always be kind to others, even if they may have wronged us in the past. This really just shows how much depth your stories have!).” 

How could I say no and disappoint such a bright, young girl who is clearly her mum’s biggest advocate?

I said yes.

And I ended up speaking longer than I had intended to.

And it all went well.

I came away blessed by this session and the university’s generous support of me that came out of it.

Let’s just say it was ‘sew sow good’ and the stuff that only divine favour could have timed for.

And I hope I offered some food for thought for the 75 preschool education students who zoomed with me on this session.

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I’m excited to share that The Learning Connection with be staging Prince Bear & Pauper Bear as an interactive storytelling performance for 10 shows this April!

The Learning Connection first staged Prince Bear & Pauper Bear 4 years back, with a weekend launch at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content.

This year is especially special for me since it is Prince Bear & Pauper Bear’s 10th anniversary of publication. I hope this book (my very first book written) will delight readers and audiences for many more decades to come!

Details for the show are here:

Story Box - Prince Bear & Pauper Bear Mailer (2017) final.jpg

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Benji, Yumi, Origami! is in the house! Literally. I’ve finally stocked some copies at home.

This picture book saw a splashy launch at Resorts World Singapore’s SEA Aquarium in end May. Then, I encountered a storm one week later with a breast cancer diagnosis and never got round to doing anything for this book.

Benji, Yumi, Origami! is a story about new perspectives and seeing beyond the imperfect.

Benji is a kid who wants to get everything perfect. When he receives an origami present, he sets out, very much by the book, following each step methodically from Page 1.


But origami is a craft that needs skill and patience, and Benji fails to fold his paper animals perfect.


Just as he reaches the point of giving up, he meets his new neighbour Yumi, who gifted him the origami set.

With Yumi’s encouragement, Benji starts to see his imperfect creations with fresh eyes.

His crumpled frog isn’t really crumpled. That’s his reflection in the water ripples.


From there, a beautiful friendship unfolds as Benji works on his new creations with new perspectives.

Benji, Yumi, Origami! is now retailing at Kinokuniya Singapore.

I’m also offering autographed copies with free delivery (within Singapore) for a limited period only! Send your orders to me through a private message.

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Tibby the Tiger Bunny, the 1st in my Tibby picture book series, has now been published in Tamil translation by Crimson Earth! Yay!

Tibby Tamil

I also had a glimpse of another rainbow which made my day. I saw illustrator Jade Fang’s amazing storyboards for our 3rd Tibby title- Tibby & Scaredy Snout.

The idea of using a boar for the 3rd book came about when Jade asked if I was going to base the next book on a boar. We had a wild boar in the 1st Tibby book which Jade had drawn the boar so endearingly that it deserved a book of its own.

Tibby & Scaredy.png

A sneak-peek at Tibby & Scaredy Snout’s black & white storyboard


Tibby & Scaredy Snout has been my most challenging picture book manuscript to date. It took me 1 year to write this 500-word story as I grappled with how to depict the theme of fear in a way that a young child can understand and relate to.

With Jade’s amazing artwork for this book and the pain it took me to write it, this is shaping up to be my favourite of the Tibby books.

Tibby & Scaredy Snout will be out in October! Just in time for my birthday!




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This year, Singapore will have her 1st National Reading Day on Sat 30th July, which also marks the finale to the month long Read! Festival by National Library Board.


I’ve had the pleasure of being invited by National Library Board and National Heritage Board to do a book reading as an anchor event for our National Reading Day celebrations.

Tibby-Duckie Cover (Low-res)

Unfortunately, I’ve bowed out as I’ve just started chemotherapy.

I was really touched when NHB wasn’t keen to replace me with another author and said that they would still like my book Tibby & Duckie to be read. Was there anyone who knew my books well whom I would like to take over me? NHB asked.

As I was trying to sort that out with NHB on email, my dearest friend Gail, who was visiting me at home, happened to be reading the picture book No Matter What to my 5-year old.

Wah, she reads better than me leh! I mused as I watched Gail engage Caleb with her incredible storytelling voice.

As if by telepathy, she turned to me and said,”I can do your book reading if you need someone to take over.”

And so it is. My perfect replacement. The mother of my four godchildren and someone who knows all my books and much more.


My beautiful friend Gail will read Tibby & Duckie, supported by Angelina, her youngest

Gail helps out in reading programmes in her kids’ schools, volunteers as a dance teacher in kindergarten events and often organizes craft classes for children. This event will uncover an amazing talent in storytelling. 🙂

So, if you are in town this coming Saturday, do support Gail as she supports me by undertaking her first public book reading at Central Library (Victoria Street) this Sat 30 July at 11am at the Children’s Library.

(Gail, thank you for being Tibby to my current Duckie state. I may be flopping in rough waters now. But thanks to you, I will, like Duckie, soon soar on wings like an eagle.)

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Today, I did a book reading of Bunny Finds The Right Stuff to a group of foster children.

NIE Foster Kids1

Reading to the children

As part of their NIE module GESL (Group Endeavours in Service Learning), a group of trainee teachers had developed their “Literacy Opens Doors” initiative for disadvantaged foster children, in connection with the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

With the NIE trainee teachers behind this Initiative

With the NIE trainee teachers behind this Initiative

Their NIE lecturer Dr Myra Garces-Bacsal had given them a list of books by local authors. I was thrilled when I received an email from the trainee teachers that they had selected The Tale of Rusty Horse and Bunny Finds the Right Stuff to read and develop activities around for the children for this week long programme, along with an invitation to do a reading to the children.

With Myra

With Myra

Since Christmas is coming, I thought I would gift every child a copy of Bunny Finds The Right Stuff after my reading.

I was in turn gifted a lovely crafted Thank You box by these highly creative and passionate cohort of teachers.

My Thank You Box

My Thank You Box

...which opens up to 8 flaps of Thank You notes!

…which opens up to 8 flaps of Thank You notes!

I wasn’t planning to participate in any more events this year end, after what has been a hectic several months. But I am glad I did and ended my book events calendar this year with the right stuff.

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