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Recently, I made author visits to three Red Schoolhouses. I read my Tibby books to preschoolers from 2 – 6 years old and shared a bit more about my books with the older kids.

Children are never too young to be exposed to books and reading, like the 2-3 year olds I read to today. And it’s perfectly fine when they fidget. My 6-year-old has always been that way. And when I stop reading, he stops fidgeting to ask me to read on!




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Hop Snort Hooray! Tibby & Scaredy Snout, the 3rd in in my Tibby picture book series is out!

Tibby & Scaredy Snout is a story about fears and friendship. A young boar Snout is afraid of the dark and other things that come naturally to boars. He meets Tibby the tiger-bunny who befriends him and shows him that some things are not as scary as they appear.


With my tiger-bunny at Epigram Books, publisher of my Tibby picture book series


My character Tibby the tiger-bunny came about the week that Caleb was born. It was Chinese New Year week – with the Year of the Tiger passing and the Year of the Rabbit coming. As I sat, heavily pregnant and waiting to pop, I wondered if my son would be a tiger or bunny. Out of that came the idea of a character with both traits, who is as friendly as he is loud. As it turns out, Caleb does roar like a tiger and bounces all over like a bunny.

Jade Fang, illustrator for the Tibby series has definitely outdone herself for this book – her amazing artwork brings another layer to the story which plays off and also counters Snout’s fears in delightful ways.

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