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Oh my feathers! I’m delighted to see Little Godwit take off on a second wind! This March 2020, Little Godwit finds his wings at the ArtScience Museum as part of the Singapore Writer’s Festival’s Words Go Round! Programme.

WGR2020 Collage

Read more and sign up for this storytelling session and more at the Singapore Writer’s Festival’s link here!

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New life begets new life. In 2010, after I wrote and published my 4-book Toy Series and was mid-way through writing my memoir Finding My Voice, I discovered I was pregnant.

In the second trimester of my pregnancy, I saw a scan of my unborn child at my gynaecologist’s office. He was lying flat in my womb, face up, with one leg raised straight up. Then, he stretched out his tiny fingers and grabbed his toes. That image stayed so vividly with me that I commissioned an illustration of that moment to commemorate his birth. My four Toy titles testify of God’s hand in my life; they bear the mark of my Creator. It follows that all the four books’ characters would come together, around the crib, to welcome the best character that I ever conceived.

EL Illo 5

On 31 January 2011, Caleb made a dramatic entrance into my world. I had reached full term of pregnancy but he showed no signs of wanting to come out. He did not budge an inch despite the two rounds of induction medicine pumped into me and my entire day of hard labour. Finally, my gynaecologist forcibly calipered Caleb out of my womb and he came out with a near ceiling-shattering wail. My highly experienced and usually unflappable gynecologist (who never punctuated his sentences with any exclamations or inflexions in my nine months of clinic visits) exclaimed, “Wah, he’s SO loud!”

God, the Author of Life, had bestowed me a child in the 13th year of my marriage and he came with a big voice. Caleb’s birth began a brand new story in my life. Like the character in the renowned children’s book The Little Prince, my little prince bear would surprise me with words of wisdom beyond his years.

At around four years old, Caleb asked me, out of the blue, “Mummy, how come your voice is so nice?”

“Really?” I replied in disbelief. In more than ten years since my voice affliction, no one had ever told me that I had a nice voice. Instead, the comments ranged from “How come you sound like that?” to “You sound terrible! Keep quiet, don’t talk.”

“Yes, your voice is so nice,” Caleb said. And he repeated this several times over the next few months.

If I had shrugged this off as childish talk, it was promptly laid to rest when he rummaged through my cupboard and found an old cassette tape.

“Mummy, what’s this?” Caleb asked. He examined the cassette and pulled out a bit of the reel.

“No!” I yelled. I had made only one recording of my voice sounding at its worse 15 years back. Then I thought. Why would I want this as a keepsake?

“Go ahead,” I told Caleb. “You can pull it all out.”

As Caleb gleefully unraveled the reel of my entire cassette, the remains of what I had held onto of my broken voice were reduced to child’s play. My God-sent child’s words also erased the years of hurtful comments about me having an awful-sounding voice.

From thereon, my little cub would grow into an even stronger supporting character in a dark chapter of my life.

– Extract from ‘An Author’s Muse’, Irrevocable Gifts


Irrevocable Gifts is now retailing at Gracework’s online store! Get your copy now!

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Blog collage (trimmed)




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This has been a very eventful year for Little Godwit and me. Little Godwit launched off this year from a dark valley amidst stormy weather. I’m glad that this little book took flight and journeyed through the year to a sweet year-end.

Thanks for all your support for the Little Bird Who Could and here’s to a meaningful and restful year-end!

Godwit flight (original).jpg


Godwit versions of me & John Lim, the hugely talented illustrator of Little Godwit

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After close to two years since we started writing our six stories for Irrevocable Gifts, we launched the book last Friday 6th December.

Since the book is about gifts and God’s calling, it came to pass that we held our launch in the dance studio of Kum Yan Methodist Church. We discovered on the day itself that we had to take off our shoes to preserve the quality of the flooring. It followed that we all entered on firm footing.


The six of us took turns to share snippets of our stories:

  • Dawn, songwriter, sang us a song with her reading
  • Bernice, editor, read the dialect excerpt of her conversation with her dad
  • Madeline, poet, regaled us with her poetry
  • Favian, artist, shared how Psalm 139 ministered to him through depression
  • Calvin, musician, played two wind instruments and showed us how to pucker up
  • And I, children’s book author, did a simple show-and-tell of how God spoke to me through my child’s voice.

6 authors

This has been such an inspiring project to be part of. I hope that the book will encourage anyone seeking meaning with their creative gifts and calling. Irrevocable Gifts is published by The Group, a grouping of Christian creatives, started by singer-songwriter Dawn Fung.

You can buy your copy from Gracework’s online store.

For friends interested to buy multiple copies as gifts, please contact me directly!


Ben, Caleb and I going mustard at the launch (for my Mustard Seed Books imprint which published my 4 Toy Titles)

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“Writing and publishing my first children’s book opened my eyes to see God’s hand in my life and brought me into a new season with a new voice. I had worked on multi-million dollar transactions for a decade in my past corporate life but gained no true knowledge from all those experiences. Instead, it took the simplicity of children’s books for me to see that wisdom begins with a childlike heart and the reverent fear of God.”

– extract from An Author’s Muse in Irrevocable Gifts

Irrevocable post 2

Read more on how childlike wisdom gave me great comfort through a dark life season of facing cancer and grappling with doubts about my calling and purpose, together with five other stories by fellow creatives on their creative journeys.

Irrevocable Gifts launches on 6th December 2019 at Kam Yan Methodist Church (music studio). Event details here.

Click this link to pre-order copies of the book.

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About a Songwriter, a Publisher, a Poet, an Artist, a Musician & Me

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Often, the best gifts for me come wrapped up in words. Literally and figuratively.

I recently gifted a few copies of Just Teddy (Our Daily Bread edition) to Hwee’s Bookshare Club readers. There were a couple of mums/kids whom I felt should really, really have them on top of the lucky draw winner.

Now, I see why.

A little gift from me boomeranged back in fearfully-and-wonderfully-said ‘bookquets’ and bear-hugs.




Thank you to the lovely mums who bear-hugged me with fearfully and wonderfully said words and Hwee for bringing them to my attention!


From another mum who said that she read Just Teddy with her kids until the book fell apart.

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Yesterday evening, I received the loveliest gift at my doorstep.

My friend Suzanne specifically had a scarf made for me and a blanket made for Caleb.


Scarf for me and blanket for Caleb

The pattern on them were lines upon lines of words.

All the words came from five manuscripts.


The manuscripts came from five picture books.

My 5 book covers

Now, Caleb and I can be fully wrapped up in Story.


Caleb reads his blanket and discovers that he recognises the stories

Suzanne, thanks for this wonderful heartfelt gift! I am so blessed beyond words!


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